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♥Welcome to Michigan Weddings♥


This is a community created for any Michigander experiencing the many ups and downs of planning a wedding. It's a place to discuss plans, help others co-ordinate their big day, and recommend venues to each other on a local level.

To ensure happiness and prevent drama, the following rules will be enforced:

1) Treat others as you would expect to be treated. This is a very basic rule but without a doubt, the most important one. Please show respect and do not belittle anyone's ideas, beliefs, or cultures.

2) Please mark all entries as FRIENDS ONLY.

3) For extra long entries or big pictures, please use a LJ-CUT. This is especially true for long vents. Also, please warn us about excessively strong language.

4) Please don't join this community if you are doing so just to promote your own community. That is not cool. If you have been a member of this community for a while, or would like to include that you are a mod of another wedding (or love), related community in your intro post, that is completely fine. Communities covering topics that could be helpful to your relationship or marriage are fine too. But when you join just to promote your community --and are not even a resident of Michigan-- then you are going too far.

5) Please don't stray too far off the main topic of wedding planning. Occasional entries about why we love our Fiance(e`) is fine... after all, that's why we're really here, right?

6) Upon joining this community, please fill out the following info and paste it in your intro post:

Name (first and LJ name):
Fiance(e`)'s Name (first and LJ name):
Fiance(e`)'s Age:
What part of Michigan are you and your Fiance(e`) from?:
Where are you getting married?:
Wedding Date:
Engagement Date:
How long have you been together:
How did you know he/she was "the one?":
Do you have a personal wedding website?:
Any advice you'd like to offer?:

NOTE: Filling out the questionnaire is important. By doing so, you are introducing yourself to everyone in the community and giving them a chance to get to know you. Please make sure that this is your first post in the community.

If you've just joined this community and find that you're not able to post, please leave a comment in one of the mi_wedding entries asking for help. Someone will assist you very soon!

Most importantly... HAVE FUN!!!

We are in the midst of one of the most exciting times in our lives! Wedding planning can get crazy, but as long as we remember how much we love our partners it makes everything worth it in the end.

Be sure to visit our Wedding Dates page. It contains a link to everyone's introduction posts.
Some posts also have links to personal web pages.

This community was created by Wynoah. Please direct any questions or comments to her.


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